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'I turned from mugging and drugs to a life serving God' 'I turned from mugging and drugs to a life serving God' Stick to druggie, thief and mugger, he now a disciple of the church rubbing neck with the archbishop of canterbury. He Pandora Rings UK is nat irritable, 35, a youth and families minister going back five years at holy cross church, bearsted. And his day is never short of christian activities either doing prisons to spread the word of god to inmates, dealing school groups, youth clubs and even submitting sermons at church weddings. The rev nicole corbyn, of bearsted holy cross the bible, being spoken:Manner in which his encounter with god transformed his life speaks very powerfully to all, particularly the young, that produces the christian faith so relevant.With nat it not some kind of theory but of real experience. Say i was on an inappropriate side, is the politest way of adding in it, mr irritable told the km. Hit the market first, and the crime to fuel it acquired. Was advertising ecstasy, amphetamines and drug.Completely escapism from a rudderless life.Where ever you look, i did it credit card scams and handling stolen and counterfeit money. Burgled dozens of houses and mugged other childhood for their trainers, forever in a gang.They were a lot over the age of me and i looked up to them they were a kind of family, and if they led me. Was a very selfish dwelling, humanity had no value only piece things.He happening 16. Had nothing related to the preacher, a few good closing words of a hymn we sang:My cardiovascular, detox me from my sin deep within.I began to weep and feel i wished to give my life to god.Seemed, if you are real i need you into my life.It was a massive sense of peace i felt, including 17, i started doing work for the church. Message to young children?Your current types of conditions do not determine your outcomes.Find a lifetime of passion, rationale and hope, especially hope sale which is the the drive for change. Is one other road.Additionally, you agree not to adapt, alter or create a derivative work from any content on this site except for one's own, non commercially manufactured use.Any other use of content necessitates the prior written permission of the km group.Read full finer points.