Mother of the Bride Dresses or 925 silver The pg751 is a unique

Blue topaz great deals on Prom Dresses gemstone pendant pg751 Blue topaz pendant, gold Mother of the Bride Dresses or 925 silver The pg751 is a unique topaz pendant and there are many reasons for this.Most blue topaz pendants would have topaz gems that are shaped Mermaid Wedding Dresses round, square, oval, rectangular or probably trillion.However kaisilver designers have made great efforts to stray beyond the ordinary, the results are spectacular.The center gemstone is an 8mm hexagonal cut gem, handpicked and custom cut to precisely fit the metal mounting.The basic star shape of this custom blue topaz pendant has also been designed to look good, the small diamonds added to the jewel add a subtle glitter to the pendant.Another very important feature of this topaz pendant is the healthy metal weight provided.This is something that a casual jewelry buyer might not notice, but it plays a vital role in defining the longerm durability of the jewel.However the greed for mass markets at the expense of compromising on quality is what causes most jewelers to ignore this.Notice how the center blue topaz gem stone is mounted in this gold or 925 silver pendant.It would have been easier to set the gem stone using ordinary prongs, but that has it's share of problems.Prongs tend to stick in fabric and pockets, this causes them to gradually open up and this in turn causes the gem to loosen and even drop of.We have therefore provided a gem mounting where the entire stone is bordered with metal, this works in two ways.It gives a sturdy mounting to the gem, it also protects the edges of the gemstone from chipping or cracking by physical impact.