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Bio energy Prom Dresses 2013 therapy An overview:What is bio energy? "Everything in the universe consists of energy.Everything is interconnected.All our thoughts and mental states are energy.As part of a cosmic organism, we are energy beings. The science of bio energy therapy originated from eastern mysticism, dating back over four thousand years.Popularized over twenty five years ago by dr.Zdenko dimancic, in the former yugoslavia, it has become a household name in countries such as ireland, great britain and other countries in europe, achieving phenomenal results.Extensive research of bio energy carried out by the world health organization, various biologists, chemists, physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, leaders in their fields prove the scientific basis of the bio energy system of healing. The most amazing fact is that we have electromagnetic fields around us.These energy fields are nonmaterial and they are associated with human emotions or thoughts as forms of energy.Any living organism has a special structure a bioenergy field.Each individual has an energy field or aura which is like a blueprint.The vital energy or lifeforce, also called chi, flows through channels called meridians from head to toe.Along the spine there are seven major energy centers called chakras, which govern the organs and glands in that area.When the energy is blocked or unbalanced, a person experiences illness or disease.Chi or bio energy is similar to electricity, although you cannot see it, you know it exists because you can feel it.When you balance your energy centers you begin to undo damage caused by stressful living so that your life flows smoothly. Bio energy therapy is the method of achieving balance of mind, body and spirit.Therapists use techniques of a series of unique gentle hand movements on Cheap Wedding Party Dresses UK and around the body to locate any disturbances or blockages in the energy field.These blockages when located can accurately reflect the current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of the person.Taking care of your energy centers will take care of your physical body.As human beings if we learn to tap into this powerful potential we can achieve whatever we want to achieve in life including health. The purpose of our human Flower Girl Dresses UK existence is to evolve and to be creative and within a bio energy treatment session the therapist aims to educate each person as to how they can exercise their right to be healthy and creative. Treatment is carried out in a 15 30 minute session, with longer treatments where necessary and takes place in a relaxed, private environment with a background of specially chosen music to enhance the release of tension and worries.During the session the therapist stimulates and balances the energy, unlocking the innate healing ability which lies within every cell of our body.The energy has its own intelligence to vibrate through to the very core of our being and begin to unlock the healing ability lying dormant within each one of us.As the treatment is being carried out many people report sensations of heat, tingling, coolness or pulling backwards or forwards.This is all due to the energy interaction and balancing of the life force within and around the body.As the energy begins to flow through the body people sometimes feel as if their condition worsens.This usually happens within the second or third treatment.In fact this short term worsening of the symptoms is usually an indication that the body is healing and with some assistance by the patents they can return to full health.Information on the importance of correct diet, breathing, exercise, rest and attitude will be discussed with the client to empower each individual to regain and maintain harmony and good health. If you are confused about work conflict, direction in life, loss of a relationship or a health crisis, this may be the time to stop, reevaluate, develop more sensory awareness or acceptance of oneself and move forward in your life. Bio energy therapy: Balances the energy centers Releases toxins Promotes emotional release Enhances inner peace, courage and harmony Bernadette is a bio energy therapist since 1990, having trained with tom griffin and michael o'doherty in ireland and has been in practice for the past nineteen years.While living in new york she also studied massage and body work with the lewis harrison institute and new york open center.During the 1990's she lived in northern ireland, where she trained in bereavement and loss counselling.She has a diploma in reflexology.She has also studied reiki to the master level. Bernadette loves living in chicago and has established a clientele in the community.Her mission is to help each person to help themselves to heal their mind, body and spirit through her healing touch and energy work, combined with the other therapies she offers, providing information and giving unconditional compassion and support through their crisis and as they find their own true balance and return to health. Over the past nineteen years bernadette has worked with thousands of people.There are many testimonies from people who found that their particular illnesses were healed.In ireland several people gave testimony to the fact that after years of suffering with migraine, stomach ulcers, eczema, asthma or allergies that they completely healed.Since moving to chicago several people have also had the same results.A lady suffered with polyps in her uterus and after several bio energy treatments discovered through tests that they were gone.Two couples bear witness to the fact that having been told they could never have children attribute their beautiful healthy children to what bio energy therapy did to help them.Another illinois resident happily reports that a growth at first diagnosed as a stage one tumor completely disappeared following several bio energy sessions.Several girls who had babies report that their gynecologists were amazed at the easy births they had, having received bio energy treatments throughout their pregnancies.Babies with colic have also received great benefit.Many people give testimony to receiving help with grief, depression, anxiety, diabetes, asthma, back injuries, muscle tension and many other ailments over the eight years that bernadette has worked in the southside of chicago.For more information please telephone 7085360261.